Court Street Animal Hospital

136 Court Street
Plymouth, MA 02360


Hospital Tour

Court Street Animal Hospital Plymouth, MA reception area 

Our reception area is divided into separate dog and cat regions to prevent unnecessary anxiety for our shy patients.  We've worked to retain the Victorian charm of our building while offering the comfort and convenience which modern technology affords us.



Our smallest exam room is just right for indoor cats unused to large spaces.  It's the perfect place for quiet conversations and heartfelt discussions. 

Court Street Animal Hospital Plymouth, MA exam room 3 



Court Street Animal Hospital Plymouth, MA exam room 2 

Our middle exam room is bright and cheery with huge picture windows.  It's our favorite room on bright Saturday mornings and the light makes detailed examinations of small or unusual lesions so much easier. 



Our largest exam room is HUGE!  It features a 120 year old hand crafted window seat for our clients to enjoy during their visit.  It's flooded with sunlight in the mornings.  We've purposely left out any scary lift tables so we can get down on the floor with our patients and interact with them on their level.  With so much space, this room is perfect for examining a limp or lameness.  It's our big, slobbery dog room! 

Court Street Animal Hospital Plymouth, MA exam room 1 



Court Street Animal Hospital Plymouth, MA treatment area 

Our treatment area is spacious and sunny, with large, full length windows and an extra long "wet table".  This is where we care for patients that have been admitted to the hospital, and perform out-patient procedures such as ear cleanings, nail trims, and bandage application.  One wall of our treatment area is occupied by a glass-enclosed ward with its own ventilation and heating system.  This allows us to maintain a quiet, optimal environment for our patients while maintaining maximum visibility.



Our pharmacy area boasts a complete range of medicines and supplies.  This area also houses our in-house laboratory and our microscope.  The large flat panel computer monitor is one of several outlets where doctors and clients can view and discuss the incredible images generated by our state of the art digital radiography (x-ray) system. 

Court Street Animal Hospital Plymouth, MA pharmacy and lab 



Court Street Animal Hospital Plymouth, MA radiology 

Our radiology suite houses a state of the art High Frequency X-ray machine.  The identical machine is currently in use at Tufts Veterinary School.  High frequency machines produce higher quality images with a smaller dose of x-rays for the patient.  Our machine, combined with our digital processing system allows for outstanding images with fewer re-takes.



Our surgery suite is packed with state of the art technology, including pulse oximetry, EKG monitoring, Blood Pressure monitoring, Doppler capabilities, full suction, a warmed surgical table, and a gas anesthsia machine which uses the same inhalent anesthetic that a human would receive (whew!).  We can easily handle both routine and complicated surgeries. 

Court Street Animal Hospital Plymouth, MA surgery